The little story of our company

Saigon Gourmet, the best of Vietnam!

It all started with a Vietnamese family who came to Canada to share their rich culinary cultures. With its roots from Vietnam, the country of origin of its founders, the company was created in Quebec in 1988. In 2010, the second generation of five brothers and sisters took over the family business. With a mutual trust, understanding of values, hard work and family pride, they want to make a mission to offer a range of food products made with the best Vietnamese flavors and ingredients that are accessible, making meal preparation easier for everyone.

The Saigon Gourmet product line was born from the desire to introduce the authentic flavors of Vietnam to young families here. As the next generation of the family that are born in Quebec, they believe that the best way to share a culture, is to discover and savor its rich culinary senses in the simplest way possible.

Saigon Gourmet makes classic Vietnamese flavors more accessible to everyone.