What is the origin of the Saigon Gourmet brand name?

Saigon Gourmet product range was born out of a desire to introduce authentic Vietnamese flavors to young families here. The family successors believe that the best way to share a culture is to discover and savor its culinary riches in the simplest way possible. Saigon Gourmet is the brand name chosen for our products, which are the perfect blend of premium ingredients with authentic Vietnamese cuisine flavors. Saigon is the former name given to the city of Ho Chi Minh, which is home to the famous “Chợ Lớn” district, which means Grand Market. It is the birthplace of Vietnamese cuisine, due to its strong concentration of styles and inspirations, and reflects the heart of gastronomic traditions from all over Asia. The word Gourmet reminds us of the excellence and freshness of this range of products that are easy to use daily. The Saigon Gourmet team, under the direction of the second family generation, wants to make Vietnamese traditions and flavors accessible to everyone with easy-to-use, tasty, and healthy products.

What Saigon Gourmet products are available?

The complete list of Saigon Gourmet products currently on the market is available under the Products tab. Please subscribe to the newsletter to be informed as soon as the Saigon Gourmet team develops new Vietnamese product ranges.

Where can I find Saigon Gourmet products?

The logos of the merchants who sell Saigon Gourmet products are available under the Where to find our products? tab. We suggest that you call them before you go to ensure availability in-store. Please subscribe to the newsletter to be informed as soon as the Saigon Gourmet team offers products in a grocery store near you.

What is the shelf life of Saigon Gourmet products?

Saigon Gourmet sauces have a shelf life of twelve months from the production date, and Saigon Gourmet sausages have a shelf life of three months from the production date. Expiration dates are listed on our packaging; for our sausages, you can freeze them.

Are Saigon Gourmet products ready to eat?

All Saigon Gourmet products are ready to eat as is, with no cooking required. At Saigon Gourmet, pleasure also means simplicity. We offer tasty options that are easy to incorporate into your cooking and quick to prepare. Discover our inspiring recipes under the Recipestab.

Do Saigon Gourmet products contain major allergens?

Please check the ingredient list on the package of each product; the presence of allergens is indicated.

Where are Saigon Gourmet products made?

All products are prepared in the processing plant in Sainte-Catherine, Quebec, and possess the Quebec Prepared Foods certification. The products are processed following the PASA approach adopted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to promote and support the development, implementation, and maintenance of HACCP quality control systems – which the factory is certified.

Do Saigon Gourmet products contain MSG, gluten, dairy, or preservatives?

No, the products are Clean Label; they do not contain artificial MSG, gluten, dairy, or preservatives that give flavor and longevity to the products. The formulation of each recipe is made with real, simple, and carefully selected ingredients. Each of the products we offer is made from premium quality food and complies with the highest Canadian standards.

Are Saigon Gourmet's products authentically Vietnamese?

The ingredients are locally sourced and of high quality. All the recipes and formulations of Saigon Gourmet‘s products are inspired by authentic Vietnamese flavors. We believe the best way to experience a culture is by savoring its culinary riches in the simplest way possible. To make certain flavors or techniques more accessible and exciting, Saigon Gourmet offers traditional recipes that are quick, easy to prepare, and festive.

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