• What is the origin of Saigon Gourmet?

    Saigon Gourmet is a Quebec-based family-owned business whose essence is defined by its founders’ homeland, Vietnam. The name Saigon Gourmet represents the perfect blend of delicious Vietnamese cuisine and its Asian influences. Saigon is the former name of Ho Chi Minh City, home to the district known as “Chợ Lớn” which means “big market” in Vietnamese. It’s the cradle of Vietnamese cuisine due to its heavy concentration of styles and inspirations and is the hub of many culinary traditions from all over Asia. Gourmet evokes the high quality and freshness of this product range, which can easily be incorporated into your everyday cooking. The company was founded in 1988 and specialized in Vietnamese cold cuts under the Long Phung Food Products Inc. brand. The Saigon Gourmet team, with the family’s second generation at its helm, wants to make the traditions and flavours of Vietnam accessible to everyone with delicious, healthy and handy products.

  • What Saigon Gourmet products are available?

    The complete list of Saigon Gourmet products presently on the market is available under the “Products” tab. Please subscribe to the newsletter for information concerning new Vietnamese product lines developed by the Saigon Gourmet team.

  • Where can I find Saigon Gourmet products?

    The complete list of stores selling Saigon Gourmet products is available under the “Where to Buy” tab. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive information from the Saigon Gourmet team concerning the availability of products at a grocery store near you.

  • What is the shelf life of Saigon Gourmet products?

    The Saigon Gourmet sauces have a shelf life of three months from the production date, and the sausages have a shelf life of three months from the production date. To ensure maximum freshness, please store them in your refrigerator.

  • Are Saigon Gourmet products ready-to-eat?

    All Saigon Gourmet products are ready-to-eat as sold, with no cooking required. At Saigon Gourmet, pleasure also means simplicity. We offer tasty, easy-to-prepare options that can effortlessly become part of your cooking repertoire. Discover our exciting recipes under the “Recipes” tab.

  • Do Saigon Gourmet products contain major allergens?

    The main allergens in Saigon Gourmet products are fish sauce, sesame and soy. Please look at the list of ingredients for each product individually to confirm whether your allergens are present.

    • The Nem Nuong Garlic & Pepper Vietnamese Sausages and the Nuoc Mam Cham Fish Dipping Sauce contain fish sauce.
    • The Lemongrass Sauce contains soy and fish sauce.
    • The Sesame dressing Sauce, the Ginger Sweet & Sour General Tao Style Sauce and the Extra Spicy Ginger Sweet & Sour General Tao Style Sauce contain sesame and soy.
  • Where are Saigon Gourmet products made?

    All products are made in the Saigon Gourmet processing plant in Sainte-Catherine, Quebec and have “Aliments préparés au Québec” certification. The products are processed using the FSEP approach adopted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to encourage and support the development, implementation and maintenance of HACCP quality control systems, and the plant is certified to this effect.

  • Do Saigon Gourmet products contain MSG, gluten, dairy products or preservatives?

    No, Saigon Gourmet products do not contain artificial MSG, gluten, dairy products or preservatives to add flavour to, or extend the life of, the products. Every recipe is formulated using real, simple, carefully selected ingredients. Every product we offer is made from premium quality ingredients and meets the highest Canadian standards.

  • Are Saigon Gourmet products genuinely Vietnamese?

    All Saigon Gourmet recipes and product formulas are Vietnamese inspired. Saigon Gourmet believes that the best way to discover a culture is to taste its culinary treasures in the simplest way possible. To make certain flavours or techniques more accessible and exciting, Saigon Gourmet offers traditional, fusion and festive recipes.

  • I have other questions!

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